English (United Kingdom)Svenska (Sverige)Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)繁體中文 (Chinese)Japanese(JP)Vietnamese-VNKorean(Republic of Korea))
  • Overview about Markets
  • Market Pre-study
  • Market Analysis
  • Seminars and Presentations
  • Local Expertise About Specific Area
  • Search for Brands and Products
  • Distributor/Importer Search
  • Brand Introduction to potential clients
  • Local Representation of Brands
  • Organization and Assistance to market visits
  • Organization and Assistance to participation at Fairs
  • Development of Business plan to enter a new market
sales development
  • Establishment of Distribution
  • Development of Sales Channels
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy Development
  • Development of Relationships with Clients
  • Regular Client and Fair visit
  • Everyday follow up on sales activities
  • Total Customer Support in Export Sales
  • Support in Business Development
brand building
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