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Clients Testimonials

Luca Perrino

Managing Director

Interpromo Co.Ltd

"JP Scandia is our best business partner we work with! We have increased our brand portfolio and turnover thanks to their careful brand selection, and fast and efficient communication management. In JP Scandia, they do what they promise!"


Christine C. Pedersen

Owner/Sales Director

Rikke Jakobsen aps

" While familiar with international business in Europe, we have not been actively operating in overseas markets until we started to work with JP Scandia. JP Scandia team is great in providing briefings about markets in Asia, and identifying specific targets for our export business. We are happy to be finally represented by JP Scandia in Japan, Korea and Australia!"


Ylva Kongbäck

Owner/Managing Director

By Ylva

"Att få förmedlingen utförd av JP Scandia har varit det bästa stöd vi kunnat ha i kontakten med ett land med andra kulturella regler än våra. JP Scandia har ett mycket personligt engagemang och gör hela tiden det där extra som gör arbetet både tryggare och roligare. Vi känner stor tillit till JP Scandia."


Olga Filipenoka

Operations Director

Cormack Consultancy Baltic

"CCB has great cooperation experience with JP Scandia and we have been delighted with the level of service we have received from them. They promote open working relationship and are very pro-active in their approach and very well connected. We appreciate a lot JP Scandia’s work with us"


Joel Schuberg

Managing Director

Forest For The Trees

“Forest For The Trees has worked closely with JP Scandia for the past 2 years assessing a variety of local market opportunities, together introducing several new brands to Australia/New Zealand with great success. The JP Scandia team is a pleasure to work with and we have built a solid relationship with them. We look forward to our future cooperation with JP Scandia and together will no doubt continue to bring some more great brands to our markets!”


Aldo Mistrali

Owner/General Manager

Aldo Mistrali

”Finalmente una rete di contatti professonali grazie a JP Scandia!! With JP Scandia we were able to contact customers in the Asian markets with a consistent image with position we want to give our brand. This is thanks to a fluently and professional communication with JP Scandia and its network of buyers and sellers"

Linda Ardebäck

Sales Director

Ejes Chokladfabrik

”Vi på Ejes Choklad är jätte nöjda med JP Scandia och Julia Parkers personliga engagemang och kunskap. Detta gjorde att vi kände oss trygga i våran affärskontakt med Japan. Stort tack!"